Lazarus Saturday begins Holy Week

st lazarus

St. Andrew of Crete writes:
Lazarus, Come out!
It is the voice of the Lord, the proclamation of the king—an authoritative command.
Come out!
Leave corruption behind and receive the flesh of incorruption.
Lazarus, Come out!
Let them know that the time has come when those in the tombs will hear the voice of the Son of man. Once they have heard they will come alive.
Come out!
As a friend, I am calling you; as Lord I am commanding you.…
Come out
Covered with the burial cloth so that they won’t think you were only pretending to be dead. Let them see your hands and feet bound and your face covered. Let them see if they still do not believe the miracle.
Come out!
Let the stench of your body prove the resurrection. Let the burial linen be undone so that they can recognize the one who was put in the tomb.
Come out!
Come alive and enliven! Come out of the tomb. Teach them how all creation will be enlivened in a moment when the trumpet’s voice proclaims the resurrection of the dead.
Come out.
I, who said, “Let there be light, let there be firmament.”

St. Romanus writes:

Let us all, with longing, run to Bethany to see
Christ there, weeping for his friend.
For desiring all things to be ordained by law,
He accomplishes all things in the duality of his
nature. He suffers as son of David.
As Son of God, he redeems the whole world
From all the evil of the serpent,
And on the fourth day, he raises up Lazarus,
Taking pity as the one who has compassion on
The tears of Mary and Martha.

Read the Gospel Story in John 11:1-45

See how this event proclaims “universal resurrection.”

We rejoice with our 10 newly Chrismated members on Lazarus Saturday. Many years to them!

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