Theophany (Epiphany)


Epiphany is a Greek word that means to "reveal" or make manifest in a visible way. We celebrate the Great Feast of Epiphany on Jan. 6 where at the Baptism of our Lord Jesus Christ, He was revealed. His public ministry began. This revelation of Jesus as God in the Flesh, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, is also joined with the voice of God the Father, and Holy Spirit in the form of the dove. Theophany means God is revealed to us, as the Holy Trinity in this wondrous event.

God continues to be revealed and to manifest Himself to us in the Holy Sacraments of the Church, beginning with Holy Baptism and regularly in the Holy Eucharist. We are baptized because He was baptized. In Holy Baptism we "put on Christ," we are joined to Him. The blessing of water on this Feast is a way that God continues to renew us and His creation, by His Spirit working through the water. We are renewed as we bless ourselves and our homes with this Holy Water. All creation is meant to reflect the Glory of God, as He originally made it "very good" in Creation. We look forward to the Second Coming of Jesus in visible form at the end of time, to make all things new.